Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith Trailer


I just returned from a special preview of Robots at Cineleisure 730pm, and I was grinning with glee like a schoolboy the minute I saw the Lucasfilm logo, and something different coming on screen rather than the rehash of Episode 4, which was how the original trailer started.

Though I know that in the US, the trailer prints are attached to Robots (both 20th Century Fox), but to date I have never experienced that happening in the local theatres with other films...

Until today!

Well, am gonna write as many details as I can remember, granted that I only watched it once!

- Begins with the conversation between Palpatine and Anakin, with the former telling him something about mastering the dark side of the Force
- Palpatine appointing Anakin to the Jedi Council(?)
- Anakin standing within the Jedi Council (like in Ep 1 when he was a kid), but Mace Windu, in his bad mo-fo attitude, telling Anakin that he is accepted into the Council, but is not recognized as a Jedi Master, which pissed Anakin off big time
- Mace Windu and 4 other Jedi Masters enter the quarters of Palpatine. Mace actually ignites his mo-fo purple lightsaber first, followed by the others. Palpatine asks "are you threatening me" or something to that effect
- Palpatine draws his lightsaber and initiates battle with the Jedi Masters
- We see the shot where Mace brings down his lightsaber
- Lightsaber fight scene between Anakin and Count Dooku (new footage)
- Padme cries in one scene with Anakin (she looks hot though)
- Anakin / Vader marching with clone troopers into the Jedi Temple - he has this possessed look in him
- Shots of Anakin using his lightsaber to annihilate one jedi (can't see who) - the massacre begins
- Yoda and Obi-Wan discussing who massacred the Jedi in the temple
- Lightsaber battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan (new footage)
- One mega kickass everything on screen starfighter battle
- Palpatine in his Emperor garb
- Obi-Wan screams "YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!!"
- Part of a lightsaber battle between Palpatine and Yoda, which resulted in Yoda being tossed over a platform and hanging for dear life
- Force Lightning being flung at Yoda
- Random shots of Chewbacca (yay!)
- Classic shot of Darth Vader with his arms folded, standing beside the Emperor


So my advice to eager beavers, go watch Robots, make it Cineleisure (no, neither film nor theatre are paying me any moolah to say this), and watch the trailer.

Enjoy! May the Force, be with you!

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